Friday, March 4, 2011

Success x2!

I started an update yesterday and stopped in the middle because everything got so busy! Yesterdays update was called How did I manage? How in the world did I manage to wake up before Rowan... shower..get dressed ..and eat breakfast before he even woke up! As soon as he was awake I was ready.. fed him and got him ready and headed out the door for our busy day! We did a little grocery shopping and bought some fantastic food. We went to visit my cousin and her little boy and played the kinect. We played dance central and had so much fun! We also went to the store with her to get her groceries. Yesterday was such a success. We stayed busy and my choices on food were great. I have only been drinking two caffeinated beverages a day. I hope to get that down a little lower but it's an improvement!

Today has been going great as well. I made some errand runs and walked to visit some family. Again today my food choices have been great and helps I bought some things at the grocery store to help out! :) I am having one problem though.. I keep wanting to weigh myself but I am fighting that temptation! ha!.. I only want to weight Wednesday because hopefully I will see progress and stay motivated.

I had some times yesterday where I wanted to cave in and eat a ton of cookies when I saw my cousin's little boy eating them! I also wanted seconds after dinner but gave my food time to settle and I was ok. I always heard that if you do something everyday for 30 days it becomes a habit. I am going to keep going and hopefully after 30 days it won't be a struggle with should I eat that or should I not eat that and it will just be a no thanks!:)

A few things I am going to try...

*Drinking a glass of water before every meal. I need to up my water intake and not overeat.
*Not eat so fast.. easier said than done with a baby but I eat so fast I can't ever feel full!
*Give my food time to "settle" before I grab seconds.
*Instead of caving in to cakes,brownies..etc I will chew a piece of gum for my sweet tooth. I found some Extra Strawberry Shortcake and Key Lime Pie flavored gum! Also hot chocolate mix and water is only 70 calories a packet and usually helps with my sweet tooth!
*Not going to eat at all while watching T.V.. or while bored!

I am sure I will think of more soon!


  1. Keep going Nikki you're doing great! Sometimes if I feel 'snacky' and really ought not be hungry I brush my teeth - it totally gets rid of wanting to munch on something!

  2. LOVE the Extra gum....Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite!!!!! Grapes have been helping me curb the sweet tooth. Keep up the great work!