Monday, March 7, 2011

Today is going great.

So many good things have been happening today. I woke up feeling so healthy and my skin is looking great! My husband is on his best behavior. He got up before this morning and showered and ate then watched Rowan the whole time I got ready. We took Rowan in for his X-Ray today .. He had to eat at 5:00AM and not after . His appointment was at 9:30 AM. So he was starving. My hubby handled it like a champ and kept him calm. I had to go in with him though- they would only allow one person. He screamed and screamed and whined but the results were good and we are glad there are no "mechanical" problems as the GI doctor stated.

We are going grocery shopping again today. I found a cabbage soup recipe I want to try out. Along with Apples and chicken recipe! They sound awesome! I am looking for a few more good recipes to try out. I won't get in exercise until later this afternoon.. but I will get some in! Yesterday was busy and I only got to workout a little but it's better than nothing.

It's getting closer to weigh in day ....I am excited! I have worked so hard. I just hope I "see" progress. If I don't .. Oh well! My skin looks better and I feel so much better!

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  1. Hubby found a great recipe for a coffee smoothie, that's really good and not bad at all!
    We used skim milk and no extra sugar, the pudding is enough sweetener.....also tried chocolate pudding...YUM!!!