Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh In Day

Today was weight in day...I some how manage to lose 5 pounds! I am down to 201!.. I hate obsessing over numbers but it's nice to know something is happening. I have already started out with a water this morning. I am hoping to not have any caffeine today but one would be acceptable if any. I am trying my best not to though! This will take a few days to get use too!

Rowan and I are going to go over to my cousins house today. They just bought a new house and her husband left for work (he works offshore!) now it's just her and her three year old at home. So I am going to see her new house and visit for awhile. We are going to play with the kinect some! I am excited! I love the dancing games and we should have fun! Plus get in some exercise. I am going to take Rowan's stroller also to walk a bit. I use to live in the same neighborhood and loved it!

Rowan's apt went great yesterday. He plans on doing an x-ray just to be safe and make sure there are no mechanical issues but overall I was very pleased with the doctor! After the apt we spent some time walking around in toys r us (no babies are us .. just a baby section!) we also went to target and then the mall. It was a lot of walking but I do feel better today! 

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