Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Awake early.. but I love it!

I love waking up SUPER early .. like 4AM. I always feel great when I wake up that early.It seems like I have the most inspiration around two times: In the middle of the night or early morning. I love that I have my own little personal alarm clock. I love my son!

We have a long day ahead! My baby has an appointment 2 hours away with a GI doctor. So I am up preparing for the trip. I woke up and took some vitamins and had a shot of 5 hour energy ( I know bad bad).. but I needed the boost. The pat few days have been lazy days. I have had a sinus infection ( no excuse) so I haven't ate much but I haven't been active much either. I hope both my son and I feel better soon. I plan on taking his stroller to the mall today and walk, walk, walk! I always make better choices when I am 1.)happy 2.) busy. I just don't have time to sit...think.. and eat.

I plan to do a weigh in tomorrow. I am nervous because I don't think I have lost or gained. Probably just maintained. Also tomorrow starts my caffeine Detox ( oh yay headaches!)..I want my water back. Toady's goal is to walk a little more and make better choices. I am sure with all the temptation of going out of town it will be hard but I am sure I can manage!

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  1. Hope the appt went well and you got some answers! I'm nervous m=for my weigh in too!